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Below is our go-to guide to good grub. You can sign up to our newsletter for exclusive nutritional advice, but in the meantime, getting to grips with the basics is a great start. If you don’t know your avocado from your asparagus, then you’re in the right place.

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Whey – Milk – Cottage Cheese
Steak – Pork – Eggs
Chicken – Turkey – Fish
Nuts – Seeds – Peanut Butter


Veges e.g. Asparagus/ Broccoli/ Spinach
Sweet Potato – Jacket Potato – Fruit
Brown Rice – Brown Pasta – Oats
Wholemeal Bread/ Wraps – Rice Cakes


Coconut Oil – Virgin Oil
Almonds – Flaxseed
Olives – Avacado – Oily Fish
Dark Chocolate – Parmesan Cheese

Good for: healthy red blood cells – important for cardiovascular fitness

Get from: lean red meat, nuts, egg yolks, animal liver/ kidney/ heart

Good for: healthy bones and teeth – very useful for strength

Get from: milk, yoghurt, cheese, green leafy vegetables

Good for: balancing water and acid, helps with protein and carbohydrate usage

Get from: fish, meat, tomatoes, potatoes, bananas, nuts, chocolate

Good for: disease fighting organisms and thyroid gland function – helpful in preventing illness

Get from: fish, red meat, grains, eggs, garlic

Good for: healthy blood pressure – supports your general health

Get from: salt, but too much can give you high blood pressure!

Good for: healthy immune system – good at preventing colds

Get from: beef, pork, lamb, dark meat, fish, dairy, peanuts

Good for: might seem out of place next to the vitamins, but sugar is a great source of energy

Get from: You probably don’t need my help finding this. Better sources include honey, carrots and yogurt

Good for: formation of glucose and fatty acids – important for fueling your muscles

Get from: carrots, bananas, liver, cereals, yeast, cauliflower

Good for: promotes healthy eye sight – enhances night vision when exercising in dimmed light

Get from: egg yolk, cheddar cheese, beef liver

Good for: converting blood sugar to energy – giving you that extra boost

Get from: pork, whole grain cereals, kidney/ haricot beans

Good for: processing energy from carbs, proteins and fats, also helps the skin and eyes – get that energy fast, whilst keeping the skin and eyes intact!

Get from: red meats, dairy products, green vegetables

Good for: processing energy from carbs, proteins and fats, also helps the digestive system

Get from: meat, fish, peanuts, yeasts, milk, eggs

Good for: processing energy from carbs, proteins and fats – get that energy fast!

Get from: peas, beans, fish, lean meat, whole grain cereals

Good for: helps with brain function – intelligence can be the key to enhanced fitness

Get from: pork, fish, eggs, soybeans, oats, whole grains, bananas, nuts

Good for: production of cells – there can be no fitness without these!

Get from: leafy greens, broccoli, mushrooms, liver, dry beans and peas

Good for: healthy red blood cells – assists with cardiovascular fitness

Get from: meat, milk, eggs, cheese, chicken, fish

Good for: healing wounds, healthy gums and teeth, immune system

Get from: citrus juices/ fruits, tomatoes, berries, potatoes with skin, broccoli

Good for: helps the body use calcium and improves muscle health – speaks for itself!

Get from: eggs, tuna, fish liver oils, sun exposure

Good for: helps the circulatory system – good for all aspects of fitness

Get from: margarine, vegetable oil, egg yolk, nuts, liver, peanut butter

Good for: helps blood clotting, recovering from and preventing injuries

Get from: dark leafy green vegetables, beef liver, green tea, cheese

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